Courses and Equipment

Course Design

Disc Golf is now recognized as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. MotivaDiscs would like to help provide Disc Golfers of all skill levels with well-designed courses nearby.

What land can be utilized for a new Disc Golf course? You can put in a Disc Golf course just about anywhere. From a School yard to a public park to ski slopes or unused farmers fields.

As long as the area is safe, we can help design your course.

Like all sports, disc golf can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. This is the reason we do not just sell materials to those inexperienced with disc golf, but strongly encourage that we provide you with a safe, well thought out course design.

Deciding on course location as well as course layout requires expertise planning. MotivaDiscs offers flexible services for disc golf course design.

We can review your project plans and provide you with inputs, or we can complete your project from start to finish. Whether you need a plan for a championship level course, a smaller course for beginners, Practice baskets at schools, or just an update for an existing course, we can provide our expertise in design, planning and building.


We use Discrait Baskets as our standard baskets for course installations. PDGA major level approved baskets. Well designed 30-chain assembly for minimal spit outs. Hot galvanized under the paint to ensure longevity and rust-free. Very good value for the money.

2022 ¨Grow the Sport¨ discounted price of CHF 400 per basket.  Contact us for special club and course prices.

Youtube Video – How to assemble a Discrait temporary basket

Many other basket types and models are on the market. Unless a different basket is specifically requested, our offers will come with our standard, but of course, we can get you a quote with any basket you may choose.

Ground sleeves

Earth anchor screw

Non-permanent or permanent solution for basket installation. Often doesn’t require special approval. 80 cm long for extra stability. Quick and easy installation or removal with our tool.

Concrete ground sleeve

For permanent basket installation only.

Only ground sleeve (pole) is included with the basket. Concrete must be purchased separately.

Course signs

Course maps

Always recommended. Provides all general information on how to play the sport, where the Tees are located and how the course flows. Can also include advertisements.

Tee sign

Can provide specific information for the hole such as OB areas, distance, hole-par. Can also have advertisements or hole sponsors. 

Tee markers

Marked Tee areas are essential for new players to find the starting point for each hole. Depending on regulations, only small markers such as wood beams or wooden stakes can be used. If possible, we recommend tee pads to ensure visibility and safety for the player. There are many possibilities for tee markers, we can help determine the most suitable for your course.

Astroturf tee pads

Provides a safe, slip-free surface for the player. It can be installed into the grass allowing lawnmowers to drive over it and not damage the tee pads.

Wood beam/ stake

Depending on regulations, a wood beam or stakes could be used to mark the teeing area in parks and forests.

Basket marketing

We recommend to put information on the band of the basket basket such as a QR code with a Video on how to play Disc Golf and an explanation of the basic rules. It can also contain sponsors or advertisements from local businesses.  

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