Discovery Tour

The Discovery Tour starts in 2022 and will hold rating based tournaments. It is our goal that people can compete and experience competition at their skill level. Our well-organized tournaments will be held at various locations. Stay tuned for upcoming tour information.

Sign-up starts January 4th on

Sign-up at: Discovery Tour 2022 (

Points System

Overall Winner (best 16 rated rounds)

Example: (red numbers do not apply)

  • Throughout the Discovery Tour, competitors will play against others within their ratings division. Winners will be determined per their ratings division for each individual event.
  • Each event round played should be given a and a PDGA rating. This will equal a positive or negative number of points, calculated against the player’s current or PDGA rating. The player’s rating will be used first, if the player does not have a rating, their PDGA rating will be used.
    • The same rating will be used (PDGA or to calculate the point difference for each round. Point differences calculated between systems is not allowed.
  • If the player does not yet have a rating established from the PDGA or from, there will be 0 points awarded for the first event. Instead, the first two ratings from the player will be used to establish a “provisional rating”. This rating may be used at the next event to calculate the +/- points, until an official rating is established.
    • If a player competes in an event without a rating, the rounds played will count towards the minimum number of rated rounds required for the final standings (16 rated rounds minimum).
    • Until an official rating is established, an average from at least two previous rounds will be used to determine the player’s “provisional rating”. The tournament director may decide at any time to use more than two round ratings to determine the players “provisional rating”.
  • A maximum of +/- 50 points will be assessed per round
  •  The players 16 best point totals will be calculated for final Tour standings (minimum of 16 rated rounds to qualify for the final standings). If more than 16 rated rounds have been played, the lower scores will be removed and only the best 16 rounds played will be scored.

The overall winner will be chosen at the end of the Tour based upon the total number of points won against their rating from their 16 best qualifying rounds. Regardless of your division played, one person from all divisions will be determined the overall winner.


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