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Do you have space at or near your school and would like Disc Golf implemented? Disc Golf can fit into many different types of land and at a budget that almost no other sport can match. With you, we can evaluate the possibilities and send you a concept with an offer.

Don’t miss out on our 2022 “Grow the Sport” specials for schools!

Including sponsored Introduction lessons for teachers as well as students, course map design and many more!

Intro lessons teachers

Are you a J&S teacher and would like to add Disc Golf in your Certification class? Are you a schoolteacher interested in a disc golf day?

We offer a comprehensive introduction to disc golf, guiding you through each step of our lesson plans. It is a step-by-step approach on how disc golf can be implemented into your class program.

Please contact us if you have any questions or inputs pertaining to our introduction days or the disc golf lesson plans. We continuously aim to improve the quality of our teaching material for you.

Intro school classes

A short look into the sport of Disc Golf. Children will be shown the basic techniques like the grip and how to throw the disc properly. They will enjoy a few training drills followed by an actual round of Disc Golf!

Whether you are sporty or not, disc golf is for all skill levels. Most important is that kids are outside and having fun!

Rent equipment

Disc Golf discs and equipment may also be rented for your class or School. Ask for our special sets for school events and sport camps.

We offer a 50% discount on rental prices when you have experienced an introduction day with MotivaDiscs.

Buy equipment

Disc Golf Discs

Discs may be purchased for your school. Depending on the disc, the price range per disc is between 15 and 30 CHF.

Portable Disc Golf basket

Red portable basket as shown in rental equipment. 180 CHF per basket.


400 CHF per basket. This installation also requires a ground sleeve which is priced at 50 CHF.

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